EE and BT Openreach craziness update

OK. Since my earlier post we now have another email from EE customer service. I asked them to raise another complaint because they’d lost the first complaint, and I asked them to confirm that there was definitely a fault.

Their response? It’s another badly written email filled with terrible English..

Sorry to know that you are experiencing connectivity issue with your landline service. Please accept my sincere apology for not being able to provide you with the expected level of service.

Currently we are facing an issue with BT Openreach system. Hence, I am unable to check update on your line. I request you to send this email back to us after 24 hours, so that we can provide you the correct resolution.

So, basically they’re saying, “The online BT Openreach tool we use to test your line has broke, and we can’t be bothered to keep you updated, so we’re putting the onus on you to call us back yet again, even though you’ve raised two complaints and we lost one of those.

This is hilariously bad.