EE, BT Openreach and my home phone line – UPDATE

Saw my undignified rant about EE and BT Openreach yesterday? Well today there’s movement!


Except, it’s in the wrong direction. It seems that our home phone won’t let us call any numbers now either. It was at least doing that before.

Our actual phone number no longer routes to our house at all, and if I call the home line from my mobile and pick it up there’s just a dial tone. It’s not connecting.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 at 22.20.02

So I can’t receive calls and now I can’t make any either.

It’s not that BT Openreach have “fixed” the fault, or that they’ve even left it broken – it’s now worse and we’re now completely unable to use the phone at all. If we try and dial any number from the home line it tells me that the “number is incorrect”.

Basically, they broke it more.